Amongst the available options, which technology to choose for frontend development.

As a front-end software developer, while developing any project you must have faced the scenario of deciding which technology to use for developing the front-end/the client-side of that application. Out of the available options, it becomes difficult to choose the specific framework/library for your solving your use case.

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Amongst the plethora of frameworks, the frontend frameworks that achieved the top ranks are mostly ReactJS, Angular, and VueJS. A fun fact all of these are related to Javascript technology. Ahem Ahem!!! Can you feel the popularity of Javascript? If you will do a simple google search, probably you'll find most of…

A perspective toward how a Software developer gets an edge over others while building a product.

So if you’re passionate about something there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving it. The same goes with respect to starting while you planning a startup for it.

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Building and growing a startup are not as easy as it looks like but what will be discussed in this article is that how a software developer can get an edge over other people.

Being a software developer you are always solving some of the programming problems on daily basis. …

A comprehensive guide on how to draw a perfect architecture diagram for your project.

Have you ever faced a problem while developing a software product, that when your product becomes big and complex, then explaining it without any diagram becomes next to impossible?

Architecture diagrams are the weapon that can be used by a technical person to explain the entire end-to-end components of the project and their integration.

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Now to create an architecture, it is required to have proper guidelines, and tools to draw. A solution architect is generally the technical person who creates an architecture diagram for the product…

You can be a coder, just need to understand the bare minimum of getting started.

Coding can be defined as writing a program to solve any specific problem, this could vary from building some feature for a fully-fledged application, or building it from scratch.

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Nowadays we all can see that everything is moving online, so the need for coding is also increasing. Just to give a pretext coding is a combination of Frontend Development, Backend Development to sometimes DevOps as well.

As a beginner, many of us won't be aware of what these are, so if you are already aware of these so please bear with me for the next few lines.

A small guide of things not to do in your technical interviews.

The interview is the initial step which you have to clear to reach your dream position, without practicing the art of interviewing you won't be able to flash the interview smoothly.

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Although the interview is something, in which the interviewer tries to assess the skills which you have gained in your entire career, it would be absolutely wrong to say that you can prepare everything for an interview in a month or so. Since there is no finite syllabus that you can prepare from.

The goal of an interview is generally the understanding between the interviewer and interviewee. The main…

A guide toward why you should do logging, and how to choose a module for logging.


Logging can be described as the process of writing the information in a log file, which can be used later for debugging in the case of any issue.

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Logging is crucial considering the fact, that sometimes if your code breaks and you are unable to debug what was the issue, then the problem remains the same, to get the RCA of the problem it is important that you log.

Why logging is important?

Consider the scenario, one fine morning your code all of the sudden stops working, now instead of restarting the code, your primary concern would be to understand the root cause of…

Some of the best practices that can be followed for Work from home.

Work from home is becoming a norm nowadays, as many organizations are moving toward a work from home model. Many people are enjoying it since it is freelancing on steroids.

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Work from home is a great way to be with your family and enjoy work simultaneously. A lot can be done while working from the place you love.
A person can move to mountains, beaches or any other place which they like the most. …

A brief article about the DevOps journey as a software developer.

As a software developer, you need to wear a couple of hats that could vary from a developer i.e coder, DevOps engineer, and site reliability engineer, and sometimes a manager. Not every software developer gets this opportunity of working in so many varied profiles, but that is what makes a difference.

An understanding of more than one domain is better when you climb the career ladder, junior developers joining your team would be happy under your mentorship since there would be a lot to learn from you.

Even vice…

Curated List of News

Here are some of the key things happening in the technology world

Technology News

1. Microsoft Teams App Development Challenge

  • Deadline
    - Date: Feb 8, 2021(EST)
    - Time: 5 PM

Link: Click here


Microsoft Team if you have not used it is a collaboration tool that is used among the team to share resources and connect virtually with another team member. Some similar apps are Slack, Hangout, Zoom, etc.

  • Microsoft Teams has more than 115 million daily active users
  • Build and publish the app for Microsoft Teams
  • Price is $45000 in cash, prizes, and publicity
  • Competition is for organizations from around the globe…

Understand the privacy policies before developing your next software.

So nowadays you must have seen lots of controversy over the privacy policy, the reason being we in the past have faced such scenarios where our data was used/shared with organizations which in turn was used for manipulating our decision-making ability.

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Every information about user behavior that we consider insignificant, can help companies earn millions of dollars. For example, social media websites show us content based on our interests and actions.

So as software developers it is our duty to keep in mind the privacy of the users as mismanaging them…

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